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Friendship Products is a group of friends who are motivated to help people in need and help the environment. They saw an opportunity to do both by developing an interlocking bottle that would be so useful as a building material that it would never be thrown away. While this idea had been around for years, the challenge was in trying to bring this idea into the mainstream by using existing blow mold machinery and techniques to manufacture this bottle in high volume. The partnership worked with world-class blow mold development and manufacturing experts, and after years of trial and error, have launched the Friendship Bottle. They are excited to work to bring this out to the market and begin to realize their mission to help people and help the environment. They look forward to expanding the network of companies and individuals who share this vision!


Friendship Products is driven by the desire to improve the environment and quality of life in the world, by reducing waste and providing shelter in humanitarian disasters.

  • Technical, mold design and manufacturing consulting

  • Licensing

  • Know-how

  • Trade secrets

  • World-wide patents

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